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U2Wire list has been moved to YahooGroups. 


This is Wire: The U2 Internet Mailing List. With the efforts of a few people, we are trying to maintain Wire and its community, for everyone that has enjoyed it since its inception. Everyone that wishes to participate must subscribe (using the information below). Each person can choose if they would like to receive the reflector version or the digest version, and can change their preference at a moments notice anytime they choose.

This email list will NOT be sold, traded, given away, or used as ANY type of commercial distribution list.  It is being offered purely as a free service from U2 fans, to other U2 fans.  There will be no heavy handed moderation or censorship on this list, and it will be up to you... the members to maintain its integrity as a useful community for U2 fans. For inquiries, comments, complaints, and suggestions.... please send email to mod@u2wire.com .

Joel Tanner

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To subscribe:
Send email to: subscribe-u2@u2wire.com 

To unsubscribe:
Send email to:

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Once subscribed (Options):

Please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wire-u2/ 

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Posts with attachments will be rejected.

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Q: Is there a HTML (Web) version of the digest available as on the old WIRE archive site?

A: Yes, It's can be accessed by clicking 'Web Archive' at the top of the page.

Q: What are the reflector and the digest versions of Wire?

A: Reflector means you get the emails individually as  they are posted to the list. Digest means that you get all the emails as one email, once a day.

Q: I want to read the Web version of Wire and be able to post to the list, but I don't want to get any email. Can I do this?

A: Yes. Subscribe and then set your subscription to 'Web only'. You can then read the posts in the archive, and post via email.


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